Tuesday, July 29, 2014

T-Shirt Mapping

SourceMap has being mapping product supply chains for a number of years. Sourcemap is a crowd-sourced directory of supply chain and environmental footprint maps for thousands of different well known and lesser known products.

SourceMap can be a great resource for businesses, providing them with an easy way to create an OpenStreetMap showing where all their core materials are sourced. For consumers SourceMap provides a great way to research the supply chains of products to help them make more informed purchasing decisions.

Businesses that want to create a supply chain map can also make their own maps or use a narrative mapping platform, such as Esri's Story Maps or CartoDB's Odyessey.js. That is the route taken by T-shirt manufacturers Loomstate.

Loomstate has used Odyssey.js to create The Loomstate Difference, a narrative map which guides potential consumers through the manufacture of a Loomstate T-shirt, from the sourcing of materials to the finished product.

From cotton farm to cotton mill, from cotton to garment, from dying to printing the map takes you on a journey through each process of the manufacturing of a Loomstate T-shirt.

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