Saturday, July 12, 2014

Dayz & GTA V Satellite View Maps

The iZurvive Dayz Map is a Leaflet.js created map of the multiplayer survival horror game DayZ. The interactive map shows the location of farms, military installations and other landmarks in the Chernarus game world.

Over the years Google Maps Mania has reported on a number of computer game interactive maps. The Dayz maps have always had some of the nicest terrain map layers. The iZurvive map follows in this tradition with a neat terrain map. However iZurvive also includes an impressive satellite view map.

The Interactive GTA V Glitch is a Google Map of Los Santos. The map contains locations where you can discover glitches in the game and even includes videos of how to replicate the glitches.

The map contains three sets of base map tiles and you can switch between 'road' and 'atlas' views and even a satellite view of Los Santos.

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