Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The New York Once a Week Parking Map

I learnt something new today. In New York a lot the streets have once a week parking restrictions. Apparently this has something to do with access for street cleaning vehicles.

These parking restrictions can cause a problem for motorists in terms of long-term parking. Matt Petric has become so frustrated with the problem of having to move his friends' cars multiple times per week while they are out of town that he has created a map to help find which roads he can park on and on what days.

Using Street Parker you can select individual days of the week to discover which streets you can not park on. Select a day and all the roads with parking restrictions for that day are highlighted on the map.

Street Parker was made with the help of Derek Eder's popular Searchable Map Template for Fusion Tables. The tool-tips were created with the help of Nianwei Liu's Fusion Tips for displaying map mouse-over effects with Fusion Tables maps.

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