Monday, July 07, 2014

Map Roulette

MapCam allows you to connect and chat with people around the world. The site displays active users around the world on a Google Map. You can click on any user's marker to initiate a video chat or you can just sit back and wait for someone to call you.

Since the launch of the incredibly successful Chatroullete there have been a number of attempts to create a mapped version of the popular video chatting site. I've even seen two called Maproulette. For some reason all previous attempts at creating a map video chat app have failed. I'm not sure why previous map video chat sites have not proved successful. The ability to be able to choose someone from a specific country or city to talk to seems like a neat addition to the Chatroullete formula.

My guess is that the success of MapCam will depend on the number of active users it can maintain. It also probably needs to have a reasonable geographical spread of users, so that it is possible to talk to people around the world. When I explored MapCam this morning it seemed to have a reasonable number of users, who were fairly evenly spread around the world.

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