Thursday, July 10, 2014

Create Your Own Transit System & Transit Map

Transitmix is a new tool which allows you to design your own transit system on top of a Mapbox map. Using the map you can draw bus routes on any city’s road system, specify the frequency and times of service and find out the total estimated cost of your new bus system.

Creating your own bus routes with Transitmix couldn't be easier. Just select the 'Add a line' option and start drawing on the map. Your new bus route will automatically snap to your city's road grid. If you want to ignore the road grid just hold down shift when you add a line and you can then bulldoze straight through any pesky buildings that happen to be in the way of your nice new bus route.

Transitmix automatically gives your new bus route a name and sets the bus frequency for the route for different times during the day and week. You can click on the name of your bus line and change it to anything that you you want. You can also change the frequency of buses on your new route. The annual running costs of your transit system will automatically update as you change the frequency of service.

When you have designed your new bus route you might want to create a stylized transit map of your new transit system. Transitive.js is a tool for creating your own transit maps. Using Transitive.js you can create transit maps with dynamic features including stops, transit lines and individual journeys. The library allows for dynamic styling of the different network elements, which means you can highlight a single transit line, journey or station on the map.

Transtitve.js also now includes the option to overlay your created transit map on top of a Mapbox map. This means that you can create a powerful transit map for any location in the world, with the ability to dynamically highlight any features on the map at will.

Check out this demo map which allows you to view three different journey routes from Wilson Boulevard to Union Station in Washington, DC. The menu allows you to select any of the three individual routes and see it highlighted on the map.


Anonymous said...

Guess this is an old page, I'm dedicated to working for Metro.

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It’s company based now, which is SUPER annoying