Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Moves on the Map

Moves is an activity tracking app for Android and iOS. The app automatically records your walking, cycling and running and therefore provides a great record of your daily movements. The app contains a lot of other features, such as a pedometer and a calorie counter, but it is its use as a location tracker which interests me - especially when you connect it to Move-O-Scope.

Move-O-Scope can create fantastic mapped visualizations of your Moves location history. The mapped visualizations allow you to view your walking, running, cycling and transport activity on a Mapbox created map. The visualization includes some great tools, including filters to view your tracks by different periods of the day (all, 9-5 or nightlife) and by date range.

The application also includes the option to query places which you have visited. Click on a venue which you have visited and you can view the number of times you have visited, on what days and at what times. Move-O-Scope therefore provides a great way to explore your location history, your activity and the venues which you most frequent.

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