Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Bubi Maps

Yesterday Budapest became the latest city to unveil its own bike sharing scheme. Budapest's bike sharing network, called 'Bubi', consists of 76 docking stations and 1,100 bicycles.

The Budapest bike sharing network's website Mol Bubi has released a Leaflet map showing the location of all 76 docking stations. If you select a station's marker on the map you can find out how many bikes are currently available. The markers are color coded to show stations that have bikes available (red) and stations which currently have no bikes (black).

Oliver O'Brien's global Bike Share Map also now includes Budapest's Bubi bike sharing scheme. The Bike Share Map also shows how many bikes are currently available at each station and also tells you how many free docking spaces are available, for those wanting to return a bike.

The Bike Share Map uses a different color-coding system for the bike station markers. Markers are shown using shades from blue (empty) to red (full) to give an overview of how many bikes are available at each station (you can mouse-over the station to find out the exact number).

The Bike Share Map also provides a line graph which shows the amount of activity over the last 24 hours based on the number of bikes being borrowed.

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