Friday, September 05, 2014

The Dogs of LA

There are a lot of little Princesses on the Dogs of L.A. map. The map uses data from dog licences to map the most popular dog names and dog breeds in Los Angeles neighborhoods.

The top four most popular dog names are Max, Bella, Lucky and Princess. The most popular breeds of dog are Chihuahua, Labrador, German Shepard and Terrier. You can switch the labels displayed on the map to show the most popular dog names by neighborhood or to show the most popular breeds.

If you are more enamored by the feline variety of household pet then you might prefer to view this impressive cat stalking map.

I Know Where Your Cat Lives displays pictures of cats on a Google Map. The pictures of the cats come from popular photo sharing websites and the locations are based on the data hidden in cat photo metadata.  I'm guessing that the map is partly intended as a warning about sharing your personal information online (or maybe its just a warning about sharing your cat's personal data online).

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