Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The HMS Cavalier Guided Street View Tour

C Inside Media has created a very impressive guided Street View tour of HMS Cavalier. The tour uses Google Maps Street View in conjunction with a narrated audio guide of the ship.

The HMS Cavalier is a retired C-class destroyer of the Royal Navy, which served in World War II. Using the HMS Cavalier Guided Tour you can explore the ship using the custom Street View imagery. This allows you to explore all over the ship using Google's interactive panoramic imagery.

Being able to explore the Engine Room, Captain's Cabin and the Petty Officer's Mess is impressive enough on its own. However, as you explore HMS Cavalier you can also listen to an audio guide which explains all about different aspects of the ship and life on board. Use the menu at the top right of the Street View to navigate to the different rooms.

While touring the ship also look out for the colored overlays which sometimes appear on the Street View images. If you click on these you can also watch videos about different aspects of the ship.

Remember HMS Cavalier has many steep stairs and places to bang your head. So please don't walk and listen to the guide at the same time.

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