Wednesday, October 01, 2014

The Essex University Campus Map

Not only do universities have a need for accessible campus maps they also often have ready access to staff with amazing GIS skills. The result is that over the last few years we've seen some great university campus maps. Maps which make use of and push at the limits of the different mapping libraries on the market.

The Essex University campus map, WAI2Go, is a superb example of a campus map created with Leaflet. The map not only looks really good it also has a number of really useful navigation features. I especially like the custom built directions service. Using the map you can get directions between any two points on campus. You can even request the 'shortest route', a 'step free route' or an 'indoor route (where possible).

Another great feature of the Essex University campus map is its indoor maps. Select the 'campus overview' option and you can view indoor map plans for different buildings and even the different floor levels in each building.

Combine this with the directions service and you can quickly find your route between any two rooms on campus. Click on a room and you can quickly select 'directions to' or 'directions from' this room. I particularly like how the direction service manages to navigate users between different floor levels on their journey.

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