Thursday, October 02, 2014

The Growth of the Megacities

There are 28 megacities in the world, cities with a population in excess of 10 million. This Esri map looks at the growth of ten of these megacites around the world over the last century.

The Age of Megacities maps the growth of ten global megacities by examining the expanding urban footprint of each city over the years. For each of the megacities you can view a series of map overlays, showing the size of the city at different times in the last one hundred years or so.

For example the map of Chicago allows you to view the city's urban extent in 1929, 1954, 1972 and in 2014. It is therefore possible to view how Chicago has grown since 1929. As well as Chicago, The Age of Megacities maps the growth of Tokyo, Shanghai, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Lagos, Los Angeles, Paris, London and Johannesburg,

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