Friday, October 03, 2014

Putting ArcheAge on the Map

The Archebox ArcheAge Map is a map of the game world used in the MMORPG ArcheAge. The map includes options to view the location of islands, sunken ships and Northern chests. You can also use it to find the location of merchants, housing zones and other locations important to the game.

Registered users can use the map to add and save their own markers to the map. This feature can be used to mark locations with hidden farms, protected farms and other useful locations that you find in the game.

The ArcheAge Map includes different levels of detail at different zoom levels. If you zoom in on a town on the map the map base layer changes to reveal an actual street map of the town and the location of important buildings.

The ArcheAge Interactive Map is another map of the game world used in ArcheAge. The game world of ArcheAge consists of three continents, Haranya, Nuia and Auroria.

The map allows you to explore all three continents and to view important locations in the game, including Nui's tears, ships, portals, ore, trees and animals. The ArcheAge Interactive Map includes a 'public transport' option which is useful for planning travel routes around and between the three continents.

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