Thursday, October 02, 2014

Mapping Native Americans

Natives of North America is an interactive map of the Native American Nations. Obviously one of the biggest problems in mapping Native American territories is that official boundaries between the Nations did not exist and these territories were constantly shifting.

The map overcome this by creating largely artificial boundaries for the 500 or so native peoples of North America. However the project has been open-sourced in the hope that others will create more fluid maps, which will account for movement over time and for more fluid definitions of the boundaries between the different Native American Nations.

The project's developer also hopes that the Natives of North America map will be improved to include links from each nation to information about the different Native American Nations.

The Invasion of America is an interactive map of Native American land cession between 1776 and 1887. During this period the United States seized over 1.5 billion acres from the Native Americans.

The map includes a timeline which allows you to view how the United States grew westwards by seizing Native American land through treaties and executive orders. It is possible to search the map by individual Indian Nation. If you click on a tract on the map you can find out the Nation affected and find links to the related treaty and source map overlays.

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