Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Crowd-Sourced Weather Map

The Netatmo Weather Station for Smartphone is a clever weather monitoring system which measures temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, and noise levels. The monitor connects with your computer or smartphone via WiFi so that you can access all the data recorded via the Netatmo app.

The Netatmo Weather Map allows you to view all the data from Netatmo weather monitoring stations throughout the world. Open up the Netamo Weather Map and you can view at a glance the current temperature around the world. You can also switch the map to display rainfall data by selecting the raindrop icon at the bottom-left of the map.

If you select an individual weather station on the map you can view a graph of the temperature, humidity, air pressure and rainfall recorded by the station. You can also view a three day weather forecast for the selected location, as provided by WeatherPro.

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