Tuesday, October 21, 2014

America's Greatest Drives

The US Secretary of Transportation used to have a website, called Byways.org, which provided detailed information on over 850 scenic roads in the United States, including maps, sample trips and points of interest along the way. Unfortunately the website was taken off-line in September 2013.

America's Scenic Byways is an open-sourced project to provide an alternative to the now long departed Byways.org. The site uses data taken from Byways.org, before it disappeared, and information provided by the new site's users.

America's Scenic Byways includes a Google Map of all the scenic featured drives in the US. You can search for drives near you by location. Selecting a drive on the map will take you to a map of the route with information on its length and the likely time it would take to drive.

All of the featured drives on America's Scenic Byways include photos and information about the landscape and topography you can see on the route and details about points of interest along the way.

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