Saturday, October 25, 2014

The 17th Century Guide to Pomerania

The Seventeenth Century mathematician and philosopher Eilhard Lubinus was commissioned in 1610 to create a map of Pomerania. has made the inspired decision to use Lubinus' beautiful Pomerania map as the basis for a guided tour of the region.

Mapy Lubinusa uses the Google Maps API to turn Lubinus' Seventeenth Century map into an interactive guide for visitors to modern day Pomerania. The border of Lubinus' map is decorated with portraits of the 49 towns of Pomerania. Mapy Lubinusa has created nine guided tours, which you can follow on the interactive version of the map, taking in all of the 49 towns featured in the map border.

You can therefore use Mapy Lubinusa not only to explore the Lubinus Pomeranian map in detail but as a modern tourist guide to the region. The map itself is augmented with an animated cloud layer and a number of animated map features.

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