Thursday, October 23, 2014

700 Red Dots & 4,000 Holes

Clickhole has created a static map of 700 Red Dots in the USA. The map is an effective visualization of a remarkable number of red dots throughout the US. However the use of a static map does mean that the exact location of each red dot is a little hard to read. The map would be a lot more effective if you were able to zoom in and pan the map.

The 700 Red Dots map is a great example of a map which would be far more effective if it was interactive. Clickhole could have used Leaflet.js, Mapbox or the Google Maps API to create a fully interactive map.

For example here is a map I created of Four Thousand Holes in Blackburn, Lancashire. The ability to zoom in and out of the map and to be able to pan around makes the map much more useful. In fact, I'm sure you'll agree, the map would be pretty pointless without it.

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