Monday, October 20, 2014

Mapping Real-Time Buses in 3d

Over the years Maps Mania has reported on a huge number of real-time transit maps around the world. Transit maps which allow you to view the live movements of buses, trams and trains live on a map. Seetys is the first one that I've seen which allows you to follow vehicles in 3d.

The Seetys Transport website provides real-time simulated maps of bus networks in a number of Spanish cities. The maps allow you to view each of the featured city's bus routes on a Google Map. The maps include the option to follow individual buses as they move in real-time. If you select the '3d simulation' option you can even follow individual buses in 3d using the Google Earth browser plug-in.

The maps were created using Vasile's Transit-Map library. The library allows you to animate vehicles on a map using public transport timetables (GTFS) to interpolate vehicle positions along transit routes. The Seetys Transport website has used the website to create real-time simulated bus transit maps for Madrid, Barcelona, Vitoria, San Sebastian, Bilbao, Malaga and Grenada.

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