Friday, October 31, 2014

The Little Maps of Horror

Where are the Bodies? is a special Halloween mapped tour of cemeteries and graveyards around the world. So on this Halloween, if you fancy tracking down the ghost of a celebrity, this Esri Story Map can show you where the famous and infamous are buried.

The map shows the final resting place of a number of gangsters and criminals around the world. If the thought of running into the ghost of such dangerous individuals is a little too frightening you can also use the map to track down the graves of other famous individuals, including a number of actors, writers and artists.

Transylvania will forever be associated with the ghastly tale of Dracula. If this Esri map is anything to go by then there are many other locations around the world which may also struggle to shake off their association with fictional horrors.

The Geography of Horror is a map of the settings of 200 of the top-rated horror films on IMDB. Users can filter the films displayed on the map by the date of release. The posters of the films can be viewed in the map sidebar and if you click on a film's marker on the map you can read a synopsis of its plot.

The Horror Map is a Google Map showing the locations of 500 horror movies from all over the world.

You can use the map to zoom in on your location and find out the horror movies that have been set closest to you. The map sidebar also includes an index of entries on the map. If you select the 'See more mapped locations' link a menu appears which allows you to find out the locations of individual horror movies alphabetically.

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