Saturday, October 11, 2014

New York's Worst Landlords Map

The Public Advocate for the City of New York has released an interactive map, The NYC Landord Watchlist, which maps the city's most poorly managed buildings.

The map uses data from the Department of Housing Preservation and Development to list over  6,800 buildings across New York. You can search the map by address and by borough. If you select a property listed on the map you can view the number and type of violations it has received.

The map itself is created using Mapbox but also includes small static Google Street View images of each building listed.

If you live in San Francisco you can check out the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project to view Ellis Act evictions in San Francisco since 1997.

The Ellis Act Evictions Map is an animated timeline map of Ellis Act evictions. The Ellis Acts Against Seniors and People With Disabilities map visualizes the number of seniors and disabled tenants evicted over the last 3 years. The map also displays information about the landlords responsible, including those who have evicted numerous tenants under the act.

The No Fault Evictions map shows the location of all no-fault evictions filed between January 1997 and October 14, 2013, including Ellis Act Evictions, Owner-Move-In Evictions, and Demolition Evictions.

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