Saturday, October 04, 2014

Raise a Curtain on the World

Google's Photo Sphere is a great way for people around the world to add interactive panoramas to Google Street View.

While running Maps Mania I have come across some truly jaw dropping Photo Spheres that people have added to Google Maps. I have been adding the best Photo Spheres I've found to a little personal gallery. I've never bothered to post about the gallery before because apart from the images themselves it is a little boring.

My thinking has been that one day I might dream up a nicer way of presenting these Photo Spheres. Today I started working on a little project, Raise the Curtain on the World, which is a slightly more interesting way of presenting these images.

I've only added a few of the Photo Spheres to this new gallery because it relies on adding too many instances of the Google Maps API and frankly my brain is getting a little confused working out which Photo Spheres have to disappear behind which Photo Spheres and which need to appear from behind another.

I think its quite interesting though and it has the advantage of showing the Photo Spheres in full-screen. You can also interact with the Photo Spheres and can click on the 'Google' logo on each image to view its location on Google Maps.

I also haven't tested this one yet on a tablet or mobile device but I'm pretty sure it will only work on a desktop.

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