Monday, October 27, 2014

The Global Hot News Map

Heatmap News is a heat map showing the concentration of global news stories indexed by Google News. The map is a great way to determine where major news events are currently taking place around the world.

The map uses the Google Maps API Heatmap Layer to visualize current news hot-spots. For example, at the time of writing, the map shows news hot-spots for the Ukraine elections, for news related to the attack on Parliament Hill in Ottawa and news surrounding the shooting of the captain of the South African football team.

You can also use Heatmap News to view heat maps for any date (18/08/2014 onward).

You could use the Heatmap News map to find breaking stories and then use the Newspaper Map to find local newspapers which are covering these breaking stories. Newspaper map is a Google Map providing links to nearly 10,000 newspapers around the world.

The newspapers are categorized on the map by language. You can select markers on the map to follow links to the individual local newspapers. Each information window contains not only links to the website of the listed newspapers but also links to view the newspaper website through Google Translate.

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