Tuesday, October 14, 2014

What Your Zip Code Says About You

Esri's Zip Lookup map knows all about you - and that's just from your zip-code. This map also reveals a lot about how businesses go about profiling you based purely on your postal address.

Type your zip-code into the map and see what Esri predicts about you and your lifestyle. The map uses Esri's Tapestry Segmentation methodology to classify zip-code areas into 67 unique market segments. When you type in your zip-code the map will reveal the three prevailing types of Tapestry market segments living in your area.

You can also view other demographic detail about your zip-code area, including median household income, median age and the population density.

The Seattle Times has created a similar interactive map based on Nielsen demographic groups in Seattle.

The Nielsen Company categorizes people into 66 different demographic groups in order to help businesses target their marketing more effectively. By looking at the dominant groups in different neighborhoods the market-research company can than infer generalized characteristics of the local residents.

The Seattle Times' What Your Census Tract Says About You is an interactive map revealing the two most dominant Nielsen categories in each Seattle neighborhood. Click on a Seattle neighborhood and you can find out what Nielsen thinks about the people who live there.

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