Thursday, October 16, 2014

Mapping Bike Crashes in Melbourne

The Melbourne Bike Crash Map plots five years of Melbourne cycling accidents on a Leaflet powered map. You can use the map to see where bike crashes are most prevalent on Melbourne's streets.

You can filter the results shown on the map by 'all crashes', 'fatal crashes' and 'serious injury crashes'. You can also filter the results by time of a day. In addition the map provides a rough visualization of the amount of cycling traffic on each street based on Strava cycling data.

The intensity of the blue lines indicate the density of Strava recorded traffic. This should help cyclists assess the relevant safety of Melbourne's roads. For example a large section of Footscray Road seems to get heavy cycling traffic but has no recorded bike accidents. A quick check on Google Maps Street View shows that the road has a dedicated off-street bike path.

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