Saturday, October 04, 2014

Airbnb Price Maps

Our favorite Dutch mapper has created a fascinating Airbnb price map for Amsterdam. Using the map you can find out where the most expensive and cheapest Airbnb properties are concentrated in the city.

The Property Value of Airbnb map plots the nightly rates for staying in Airbnb properties across Amsterdam. Each Airbnb property on the map is colored by price and rather neatly demonstrates how the cost of Airbnb properties on average are most expensive in the city center and become cheaper as you radiate out from the center of Amsterdam.

Tom Slee was inspired by the Airbnb map to create a number of Airbnb price maps for a number of other cities around the world. Airbnb City Maps uses Google Fusion Tables to show the price of Airbnb properties in New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, Montreal and Sydney.

The way that Fusion Tables displays the property markers means that the maps are a little hard to read, especially if you want to determine if there is any overall price pattern within each city. However Tom has included a link to the Fusion Table for each map. This means that you can use the Fusion Tables' filter controls to explore each map in more detail.

For example, if you check out the Los Angeles map in Fusion Tables, you can filter the map to show only the most expensive Airbnb properties. This reveals that many of the most expensive Airbnb properties in Los Angeles are beach front properties or those nearest to the coast.

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