Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Twenty Five Years Since the Berlin Wall

The Berliner Morgenpost has published a great aerial view map of Berlin which allows you to compare the modern day Berlin with the Berlin of 1989.

Twenty-five years ago this November the Berlin Wall was torn down. Since then Berlin has been transformed. Using the Berliner Morgenpost's new interactive map Die Narbe der Stadt (The Scar of the City) you can compare the Berlin of 1989 with the Berlin of 2014, using aerial imagery of the city from both years.

You can pan and zoom the map and switch between the aerial views from the two years to compare the Berlin of today with the Berlin of 1989. A menu in the top-left corner of the map provides quick links to some important locations in the city which have been transformed in the last twenty-five years.

German speakers can also read a long-form guided tour of the Berlins Wall's once boundary to learn more about how the city has changed since the collapse of East Germany.

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