Monday, September 15, 2014

The Zombie Sounds of Street View

Last month Amplifon created Sounds of Street View, a new platform which allows you to add sound to Google Maps Street View. If you visit Sounds of Street View Create Your Own you can download the Sounds of Street View framework and read a detailed guide explaining how to create your own Street View with sound experience.

Bryan James has become the first independent developer to use the framework to create his own aural experience on Street View. And it is truly frightening!

Zombie Sound Experienz uses the Business Photos Street View tour from the Zombie Manor in Drayton to create a creepy virtual tour, with full 3d sound. The custom Street View tour was created for Drayton Manor by 360 Agency, who also created the Street View tour of Diagon Alley for the Warner Bros. Studio Tour.

As you progress through this zombie filled virtual Street View tour you can now actually hear the zombies pursuing you.

As you visit the different rooms in the Zombie Manor you will hear a variety of creepy sounds. Different zombies and rooms have different sounds attached to them, which get louder or quieter as you approach or travel away from them. 

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