Thursday, September 18, 2014

The War of Scottish Independence

Scotland Decides is an Esri StoryMap exploring the relations between Scotland and England over the last 700 years.

The map starts with a look at the Wars of Scottish Independence (starring Mel Gibson as William Wallace). It progresses through other important events, such as the Union of the Crowns, the Act of Union and the Battle of Culloden.

My favorite chapter in this StoryMap is on that greatest of Scotsmen, Keir Hardie. I've always had a strange fondness for this radical Scot (I blame it on my parents). However you might be more interested in the map of the 2011 Scottish Parliament Election.

This map allows you to view the number of votes cast for the major parties (the number of votes cast for the Scottish National Party in each area might provide some clues as to how today's vote might go in each region).

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