Thursday, September 04, 2014

Grab Your Jetpack & Explore the World

Over the years there have been quite a few attempts to make interactive games using the 3d capabilities of the Google Earth browser plug-in. YoubeQ is a new multi-player driving and flight simulator which has come closer than most in creating an engaging game using Google Earth.

A Google Earth driving and flight simulator is nothing new in itself. There are already a number of driving and flight simulators which allow you to explore the world in 3d using the Google Earth browser. Where YoubeQ stands out is in its upgrade and player interaction options.

In Youbeq you start off with a Segway at the ESPN World of Sports Complex. To upgrade your vehicle and unlock new locations you need to explore the 3d map. Your incentive to play the game is therefore to unlock new locations and upgrade to better vehicles. Cover enough miles on your Segway and you can upgrade to a jetpack and start exploring the world from the air.

Another engaging aspect of Youbeq is that you can communicate and interact with other players. You can click on player icons and even switch to watching them play the game. You can chat with them via text chat and you can even use a microphone or webcam to talk to them directly.

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