Friday, September 05, 2014

Mapping Geo-Demographic Classifications

A new map from DataShine can tell you what kind of person you are just from your address. Apparently I am a Multicultural Metropolitan.

The DataShine 2011 OAC map uses data from the 2011 UK census to provide geo-demographic classifications for all built-up areas in the UK. The classifications are based on the 2011 Area Classification for Output Areas, as adopted by the UK's Office for National Statistics.

If you live in the UK you can zoom in on your address on the map to see which classification has been assigned to your local area. The colors on the map represent just the eight 'Supergroups', the top-level of classification. However if you mouse-over a location on the map you can also see the next two levels of classification for an area.

If you live in Seattle you can view a similar map, which reveals the Nielsen demographic groups associated with different neighborhoods in the city.

The Nielsen Company categorizes people into 66 different demographic groups in order to help businesses target their marketing more effectively. By looking at the dominant groups in different neighborhoods the market-research company can than infer generalized characteristics of the local residents.

The Seattle Times' What Your Census Tract Says About You is an interactive map revealing the two most dominant Nielsen categories in each Seattle neighborhood. Click on a Seattle neighborhood and you can find out what Nielsen thinks about the people who live there.

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