Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Map Your Driving Data

I don't normally cover hardware on Maps Mania but I like the look of this new gadget for your car. Automatic is a car accessory that is designed to both help improve your driving and help you save on gas.

Plug Automatic into your car's data-port and it will automatically connect your smartphone and car, wirelessly. It then provides feedback on your driving, provides suggestions on how you could improve and keeps track of where you have driven and all your driving data.

Automatic now also allows you to explore your driving data from your desktop. The Automatic Dashboard provides a mapped interface to your driving history. You can see each of your individual drives on a Mapbox map, with a detailed breakdown of the number of miles driven, the miles per gallon used and the time taken.

The dashboard provides a great way for you to explore your driving history. Not only can you keep a track of everywhere you have driven, you can also use the dashboard to explore the quickest and cheapest routes and how well you drove on each car trip.

Even if you don't think you are likely to buy an Automatic device it is worth having a play with the Automatic Dashboard Demo, which has a great mapped interface for exploring all kinds of driving data.

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