Thursday, September 18, 2014

Health in the Amazon

In the Amazon a large proportion of Brazilians don't have access to the mains water supply and only have the most rudimentary of sewage systems. The combination of no easy access to clean drinking water and poor sewage means that the region suffers higher incidence rates than the rest of Brazil for a number of diseases.

Infoamazonia has released an interactive map, Visaguas, which examines the availability of clean drinking water & sewage in Amazon municipalities and the incident rates of a number of diseases. If you use the tabs, above the map, you can select to view Water Supply, Diseases or Access to Sewage on the map.

When you selecting either of the three main categories you can then select from a number of subcategories. For example, if you select diseases you can then select the incident rates, per municipality, for a number of different diseases, including Cholera, Dengue Fever and Typhoid.

Via: Visual Loop

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