Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Maps of the Week

If you love music and maps then you will love the dancing maps of Rack City. Just share your location with Rack City and you can listen to you favorite tracks from SoundCloud while watching the map of your location dance along to the track.

The application uses data from OpenStreetMap to show a basic map of your location, including roads and buildings. The buildings on the maps are actually dynamic animated audio visualizers that pulse to the beats of your chosen song.

If you don't like the map of your chosen location you can select the location menu (in the bottom right-hand corner) and switch to another city location (currently New York, Tokyo, London or Chicago).

Ubisoft has released a Street View tour of Paris in order to promote the Parisian based Assassin's Creed Unity. Project Widow takes you on a night-time tour of modern day Paris. As you tour the Street Views of modern day Paris you can click on markers to learn about the causes of the French Revolution.

Project Widow will take you on a virtual tour of present day Paris. The tour is very similar to the recent Google Night Walk, a narrated Street View tour of Marseilles at night and I suspect that Google Creative Lab also helped create this new night-time tour of Paris.

As you walk around the modern day Paris at night in Project Widow you can actually find yourself suddenly transported to the game of Assassin Creed Widow. So far I've found one Street View panorama which seems to be taken from the game (screenshot above). I'm sure if you explore Project Widow yourself you will find more panoramas taken from the game.

Japan’s population is aging and declining. Japanese people are living longer and having fewer children and later in life. By 2060 the Japanese government are predicting that over half the population will be over 65.

This Japanese Population Map visualizes the 2040 population predictions for every Japanese prefecture. Using the map you can explore the population predictions for the number of young females and a breakdown of the overall population by age group.

Prefectures that are predicted to grow in population are shown in green and prefectures that are expected to decline are shown in red. If you zoom out on the map you can see that the population is expected to decline across nearly the whole country.

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