Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fall Colors on Google Maps

The Wisconsin Fall Color Report is a Google Map showing the color of autumn leaves throughout the state. Click on a county on the map and you can view the estimated date of when the county's trees will be at the peak of their fall colors.

You can use the Wisconsin Fall Color Report to not only find out the best time to visit the state but also discover great places to visit and stay. As well as providing a guide to the best time to travel within the state to view Wisconsin's trees in their full fall colors the Wisconsin Fall Color Report includes a photo gallery, events and activities guide and recommended restaurants and hotels.

The New England Foliage Map can help you discover where New England's legendary fall foliage is in its fullest splendor. The map aggregates user reports to try and show where New England's trees are showing their fall colors. Users can also submit photos to the map, so the map is also a great place to browse photographs of New England in the fall.

Just click on any of the submitted reports on the map, shown by the camera icons, and you can view the submitted report and photo. The map also includes a colored overlay which provides a guide to the fall colors throughout the state.

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