Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Mapping the Rhino Poachers

Oxpeckers is a team of journalists dedicated to revealing the stories behind important environmental issues in Africa. The team have recently released an interactive map visualizing the latest information on rhino poaching court cases in South Africa.

The Oxpeckers Rhino Poachers Court Cases map shows the location of court cases involving rhino poaching in the country using data obtained from South Africa’s Ministry of Police. You can select individual markers on the map to read details about individual court cases and you can filter the results on the map by station, date and the name of the accused.

The map provides an engaging portal to this data on rhino poaching court cases. Using a map to visualize the data has proved very successful in communicating news of rhino poaching in South Africa and in attracting new users to Oxpeckers. Oxpeckers say that in the ten days after the release of the map they doubled the number of users on the website and their Facebook audience increased 83% in the week after its launch.

Via: Visual Loop

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