Thursday, September 18, 2014

Scottish Independence Maps

A static map has been doing the rounds on social media during the last week showing countries around the world which have gained independence from the United Kingdom. There is now an interactive map of the same data, Countries that Have Gained Independence from the United Kingdom.

The map shows the 62 countries around the globe who used to be a part of the British Empire but are now independent. 21 of those countries have gained Independence in the last 50 years. With Scotland going to the polls today to vote on Independence the map may just have another blue country added to it tomorrow.

As the results come in tomorrow I'm sure we will begin to see a lot of maps breaking down the votes by electoral ward. Oliver O'Brien has created an interesting map which shows when we can expect the results from the different councils and which way each area might vote.

The Scottish Referendum Data Map shows the estimated declaration times of 32 councils. The numbers in the circular map markers show the estimated time of declaration. The size of the circles is proportional to the electoral population. The color of the markers provides an indication of which way the area might vote, based on an analysis of votes cast for the Scottish National Party in 2012, carried out by the Credit Suisse Economics Research Unit.

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