Tuesday, September 09, 2014

The German Soccer Supporters Map

Yesterday's Berliner Fußballkarte from the Berliner Morgenpost appears to have been just a teaser for a full-blown map of Bundesliga fandom. The Berliner Fußballkarte shows the registered supporters of Berlin's top two football clubs, Hertha Berlin and FC Union Berlin. The Berliner Morgenpost's new map shows where the registered supporters of 8 of the 18 Bundesliga clubs live.

The map uses data obtained from the eight German clubs showing where their registered supporters live. The Berliner Morgenpost is releasing the map in beta until a time when they have the data from all 18 Bundesliga clubs.

Fußballkarte (BETA) shades each neighborhood in Germany based on the club with the most registered supporters in that neighborhood. If you mouse-over a neighborhood you can view the number of registered supporters for each of the 8 clubs.

As well as the Berliner Fußballkarte there is also a localized Hamburg version of the map. Hamburger Fußballkarte is a map of Hamburg showing where HSV and St. Pauli have the most fans in the city.

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