Sunday, September 07, 2014

Maps of the Week

To promote the release of upcoming, online multiplayer first-person shooter video game 'Destiny' Activision has created a Street View tour of the game world, which allows you to explore and preview the game with Google Maps.

Destiny Planet View allows you to explore Mars, Venus and the Moon in Google Maps with custom made Street Views of the three planets. The custom Street Views include an inset Google Map of the planet which you are currently exploring.

Click on the markers in the inset map to automatically transport yourself to a new Street View. Each of the Street Views also contain markers which allow you to watch videos and view other screenshots taken from the game.

Everybody likes a drink. Even the Saudis like the occasional sip of wine when no one is looking.
The Wine, Beer or Spirits? map uses data from the World Health Organization to show how much alcohol is consumed in each country around the world. The map also shows which drinks are the most popular in each country.

Mouse-over a country to see how much beer, wine and spirits are consumed and in what proportions. Or use the buttons to show the countries in the world which drink the most wine, the most beer and the most spirits. You can also click on the 'favorite' button to see which is the favorite drink in each country.

There are a few surprises on the map. For example, I was surprised by the relatively low amount of wine drunk in the USA and Spain, especially considering some of the great wine that gets produced in those two countries.

There are a lot of little Princesses on the Dogs of L.A. map. The map uses data from dog licences to map the most popular dog names and dog breeds in Los Angeles neighborhoods.

The top four most popular dog names are Max, Bella, Lucky and Princess. The most popular breeds of dog are Chihuahua, Labrador, German Shepard and Terrier. You can switch the labels displayed on the map to show the most popular dog names by neighborhood or to show the most popular breeds.

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