Saturday, September 27, 2014

Weasel Tracking on Google Maps

This week JSTOR Daily published a really interesting article exploring how and why a number of animal species in North America are flourishing by adapting to living in urban environments. Included in the article is a map tracking a Fisher weasel, named Phineas, over five days.

Phineas lives in the suburbs of Albany, New York and was given a GPS collars so that scientists could track his movements. Phineas the Fisher's Work Week is a Google Map showing Phineas' movements over five nights.

The track for each night is given a different color on the map so that you can see Phineas' movements for each night of the week. If you hover over the small circles on the tracks you can find out about some of the significant moments in Phineas' week. For example, after crossing a busy road one night, Phineas became stuck in a small wooded area until he found a drainage pipe which allowed him to cross safely back under the road.

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