Monday, March 21, 2016

Berlin's Cycle Friendly Streets

In Berlin Volksentscheid Fahrrad is calling for people to petition for more bike lanes and more bike friendly transport policies in the city. In particular they want bike lanes on all of Berlin's main streets.

The Berliner Morgenpost has created an interactive map to show how bike friendly Berlin's road network is at the current time. Berlin's Stra├čen im Radwege-Check colors all of Berlin's roads to show whether they have bike lanes, bike paths, bus lanes or no separate provision for cyclists. Each road has also been given a percentage score to show how bike friendly it is.

If you hover over a road on the map you can view a photo of the road to check for yourself what provision it provides for cyclists. You can also select a road on the map to view the road's length, the length of bike path coverage, the length of bike lane coverage and the length of any bus lane. Each road is also given a percentage score to show how much of the road is currently bike friendly.

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