Friday, March 04, 2016

The Amazing World Radio Map

For the last few hours I've been listening to Radiooooo, a fun new global music map. Radioooo allows you to listen to music from anywhere in the world and from any decade going back to 1900.

To start listening to music on Radiooooo you just need to click on a country on the map. You can then select a decade using the buttons at the bottom of the map. You will then be able to sit back and listen a stream of music from the country & decade that you have chosen.

Radiooooo also includes the option to select the 'mood' of music that you wish to hear (slow, fast or weird). The map itself also includes a  'Taxi' option which allows you to select to listen to music from more than one country.

The map itself appears to be a hand drawn map which has been made interactive using the Leaflet mapping platform. The map includes some great illustrations of sea monsters, sinking ships and other cartoon scenes. It also includes a few little Easter eggs. For example if you can find Neverland on the map you can listen to music for 'children big and small'. The map also contains Discovery Island, where you can listen to all the latest songs added to the map.

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