Friday, March 04, 2016

The Global Risk Map

RiskMap is a new, free to use security and risk mapping portal. The map allows you to access news and real-time intelligence about the current risk situation in countries around the world.

Countries on RiskMap are colored based on the current global risk level; the colors displayed range from green (safe) to red (critically unsafe). The map also displays hundreds of the latest events and incidents related to security events across the globe. Click on the red markers for these events and you can read a summary of the event (referenced to the original news source),

Behind the scenes the RiskMap algorithm looks at events and incidents of interest from over 1,000 different sources, This algorithm calculates the risk represented by the incident and attempts to identify the type of risk posed and the facts of the incident such as the number of fatalities or casualties, A second algorithm then selects the most important information from the original source and creates a summarized copy of the event for the map.

The algorithms allows RiskMap to process hundreds of thousands of articles every month and publish thousands of incidents and events to the map. As each event or incident is recorded, the weight of the incident is taken into account and, therefore, the risk levels of the countries around the globe are continually changing.

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