Monday, March 14, 2016

Mapping the World's Nuclear Power Plants

The 2011 nuclear meltdown at the Fukushima power plant in Japan doesn't seem to have slowed the growth of nuclear power around the world. In fact right now there are 66 new nuclear reactors under construction across the globe.

Five years after the Fukushima nuclear disaster Carbon Brief has released an interactive map of the world's 667 nuclear power stations. The map shows the location, operating status and the generating capacity of every nuclear reactor in the world.

The World's Nuclear Power Plants shows where the 66 new nuclear reactors are being built. It also shows where the world's operating, shut-down and mothballed nuclear reactors are located.

The Nuclear Power Plant & Earthquakes map also shows the locations of the world's nuclear power plants. This map however includes a layer which shows global earthquake activity since 1973.

The Nuclear Power Plant & Earthquakes map is five years old now, therefore the data is a little out of date. However the map still provides an interesting overview of how many nuclear reactors have been built in areas which see a lot of seismic activity.

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