Monday, March 21, 2016

Video to Map

Humboldt County's new tourism website has an interesting new itinerary creation tool. The tool allows you to select locations from video tours of the county and add them to your own personal tourism map.

Visit Humboldt presents you with a choice of four video tours of the county, featuring 'romantic', 'relaxing', 'adventurous' or 'family' places to visit. As you watch the videos, if you see a location that you would like to visit, you simply need to touch the screen to add the place to your personal itinerary.

After you have watched the video(s) and made your selection of places in the county that you want to visit you are then presented with your personal itinerary map. The map itself is superimposed over attractive photographs of the locations that you have chosen. Select a marker on your map and the background photo changes to a picture of the selected location.

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