Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Philly Parking = Parkadelphia

If you want to know where you can legally park your car in Philadelphia then you might want to use Parkadelphia's new interactive map. Parkadelphia can help you make sense of Philadelphia's myriad parking restrictions.

The map uses data from the Philadelphia Parking Authority and the City of Philadelphia to provide information on where and when you can park on Philadelphia's streets. The map is very easy to use - roads that require residential parking permits are shown on the map in blue - roads with metered parking are shown on the map with yellow dots.

You can also click on the roads on the map to discover more about parking restrictions. If you click on a blue road you can discover if both sides of the street have restricted residential parking. If you select a yellow dot you can discover when metered parking applies and the cost per hour.

The map itself uses Mapbox GL, which means that it is very responsive on all devices and that you can rotate the map and adjust the map's perspective. The map also uses geolocation. This means that if you are in your car you just need to share your location with the map to quickly find all the nearby parking restrictions.

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