Monday, March 14, 2016

Mapping Every Person in Scotland

I've seen quite a few dot density maps lately. I particularly like this one of Every Person in Scotland.

Most dot density maps we've featured on Maps Mania use census data to show the spatial distribution of people on an interactive map. To do this these maps randomize the dots within a postcode area based on the number of people registered living in the area in the census.

The Every Person in Scotland map also randomizes the number of people in each postcode area but actually uses residential building footprints to ensure each dot is placed within a building. The result is that not only does the map provide a great visualization of population density when zoomed out it also works effectively when zoomed in on individual locations.

Around 70% of Scotland's population lives in the Central Lowlands. When you are zoomed out on the map you can clearly see that many more people live in the Central Lowlands and the east coast than in the more sparsely populated highlands of Scotland. Zoom in on an urban area on the map and you can also clearly make out the densely populated residential areas in towns and cities.

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