Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Ukrainian Intercity Rail Map

Travel By Rail is an interactive map and data visualization tool of intercity rail journeys in Ukraine. The map allows you to explore the number of outgoing and incoming intercity train journeys for towns and cities across the Ukraine (2014-2015).

The map provides a number of tools which allow you to explore the data by location and date range.

You can select individual cities on the map to show the intercity rail journeys taken to and from that city. You can also use the graph to select to view only those train journeys taken within a specified date range (either for all cities or for selected individual cities). It is also possible to view only internal train journeys in Ukraine, or journeys between Ukraine and Belarus or Russia, or both internal journeys and journeys taken to and from Belarus & Russia.

If you click on the button beneath the interactive graph you can view the numbers of journeys taken between the different cities within the selected date range.

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