Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Los Angeles Resistance Map

Fans of USA Network's science fiction television series 'Colony' can explore the near-future dystopian Los Angeles portrayed in the show in an interactive map of the city.

Colony TV allows you to explore the city of LA under the military occupation of the Colony Transitional Authority. Using the map you can explore locations featured in the Colony television series and you can also help the Resistance by completing a number of secret missions.

If you don't wish to join the Resistance you can become a Collaborator and help the alien invaders to keep control of the city and its human population. The map itself changes color depending on whether you choose to complete missions as part of the Resistance or as a Collaborator.

If you want to explore all the locations featured on the map then it is easiest to navigate between the different LA neighborhoods using the inset mini-map of the city. Using the mini-map pop-up menu you can quickly pan the map to different LA locations.

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