Sunday, March 27, 2016

To Brexit or Not to Brexit

On June 23rd the UK will be voting on whether to remain in the European Union or leave. The latest opinion polls suggest that the numbers are fairly evenly split between those who wish to leave and those who wish to remain.

There is one profession however which is showing fairly solid backing for the UK to remain in the EU. A clear majority of Members of Parliament are supporting the Remain campaign and only 29% of MPs have declared that they will be voting to leave the EU.

Liam McLoughlin has created a map to show how MPs are voting in the EU referendum. Mapping the Voting intention of UK MPs in the European Referendum is a Fusion Tables Google Map showing the voting intentions of UK MPs. The red areas on the map show where the local MP is supporting the leave campaign. Blue areas are where the MP is voting to remain in the European Union.

If you click on an electoral district on the map you can find out the name of the sitting MP, their political party and whether they are intending to vote to leave or remain in the EU referendum.

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