Friday, March 11, 2016

The Beautiful Wall of Birds Interactive Map

Cornell Lab hired artist Jane Kim to paint a huge mural of birds on the largest wall in the Cornell Lab’s Visitor Center. The mural depicts species from all surviving bird families on a map of the world. Each of the 243 birds featured in the mural is painted on the map in a country where that species can be found.

If you want to study the mural in close-up you don't actually need to visit the center. You can also explore the painting in detail on Cornell Lab's beautiful Wall of Birds Leaflet map.

The Leaflet powered map not only allows you to explore the exquisite detail in Jane Kim's painting it also allows you to learn more about each of the featured species of bird. Click on a bird on the map and a side panel opens with information on the selected species. You can even hear the song of each bird by clicking on the embedded audio recording from the Macaulay Library.

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